2019 West Bund Art & Design

Jin Jinghong


Booth N319

VIP Opening
Nov. 7 (Thu.) 12:00-20:00
Nov. 8 (Fri.) 11:00-12:00

Public Days
Nov. 8 (Fri.) 12:00-19:00
Nov. 9 (Sat.) 10:00-19:00
Nov. 10 (Sun.) 10:00-19:00

A+Contemporary will present at 2019 West Bund Art & Design, Booth N319, with “SNOD&WRC” – a solo project by artist Jin Jinghong. Continuing with Jin Jinghong’s creative angle of view sourced from his background in theatrical design, his practice incorporates the “artificial scene” which differs from both natural scenery and tourist attractions, and is generated by the unintentional interventional behavior of human. Through the dislocation between different perspectives, Jin Jinghong creates his artificial scenes by means of recombination, deconstruction and segmentation. The idea of this new series “SNOD&WRC” is based on the World Rally Championship (WRC). It simulates two roles from the WRC- the driver and the navigator-by incorporating mixed mediums including structure models, albums, and painting. Their correspondence is transformed into “Scenery Flags” which show the interlaced landscape and “Pacenotes” which navigate the route.

Jin Jinghong,Pacenotes A,2019 ,Mixed media,59.5 x 39 x 6 cm 

The composition of the booth consists of the perspectives of the two roles- the driver and the navigator. Hanging in the middle of the booth is the “Scenery Flags” series. Fixed on a model structure made of multi-layered plastic sheets are landscape drawings on paper. The fragmented and reconstructed images represent the momentary scenes of the driver’s perspective through car window during the rallying. The intention is to transform the space perspective experienced by the driver and the misplaced landscape into the artificial scenery flags. On the right wall is the “Pacenotes” series. Pacenotes of the navigator describe the route condition in detail, such as the turnings along the way and information of weather conditions. Simulating the guiding mechanism of the navigator, Jin Jinghong transforms it into a materialized visual representation of shape, space, texture and color in his creations. Each piece is created with mixed media on paper. Information on the “Pacenotes” is transformed into abstract visual symbols, and as commands it constantly revises its corresponding relation with the composition of the “Scenery Flags”. The mixed media painting “Mirkwood-C1910” is a misplaced scenery, combined and reconstructed from the “Scenery Flags” and “Pacenotes” for a new perspective experience.

Jin Jinghong,Mirkwood-C1910,2019,Acrylic on canvas,180 x 280 cm 

Jin Jinghong takes inspiration from the transient dynamic malposition and visual movement. He regards “landscape” as non-logical images across time and space. Employing recurring elements such as mountains, water, trees, grass, flowers, pavilions, artificial lake and hill, natural landscapes and man-made scenes are deliberately spread on a flat dimension and merged into each other. This non-logical fragmentation guides the audience into a situation that mingles the fictional and the real.

About Artist

Jin Jinghong was born in Zhengzhou, Henan Province. He graduated in the Communication University of China with a BA in Theater, Film and Television Art Design. He currently works and lives in Beijing. His solo exhibitions include: SNOD SIM PARK (A+ Contemporary, Shanghai, 2019) , Dislocation: Jin Jinghong solo exhibition (hiart space, Shanghai, 2018), LAYERS:Jin Jinghong solo exhibition (MAO SPACE, Shanghai, 2016), The film: Jin Jinghong solo exhibition (SEED GALLERY 2.0, Zhengzhou, 2016), Sense of the world: Jin Jinghong solo exhibition (large bowl Island Gallery, Beijing, 2013), Jin Jinghong visual diary exhibition (Communication University of China, Beijing, 2010). His selected group exhibitions include: Garden Tour (Ying Space & Uin Oriental Hotel-Mo House, Wuxi, 2018), Stèles 1: LE PRINTEMPS DE PEKIN (YING SPACE,Beijing,2017), Random Forest (K11 Art Center, Wuhan, 2017), Paperwork Collection (LINK Gallery, Beijing, 2017), Garden (MOUart, Beijing, 2017), Garden (MOUart, Beijing, 2016), Beyond Utopia (Di Rivara Castello Contemporary Art Museum, Turin, Italy, 2016), Life section (J: Gallery, Shanghai, 2016), Hi21 Young Art Fair (Langyuan Vintage, Beijing, 2015), The Twelve Paintings (L-Art Gallery, Chengdu, 2015), Energy conservation (SEED GALLERY 2.0, Zhengzhou, 2015), LINK (LINK Gallery, Beijing, 2015), Garden (MOUart, Beijing, 2015), Exercise book: contemporary art exhibition (J: Gallery, Shanghai, 2015), Energy conservation (SEED GALLERY 2.0, Zhengzhou, 2015), Verdant Heart (Zoom Art Gallery, Beijing, 2015), Copy (YanShu, Beijing, 2015), Cloud image: the exhibition of the young artist’s paintings (the Museum of the grassland Art Museum, Beijing, 2014), UCCA Collector’s private association (UCCA, Beijing, 2014), Paper (55 art space, Beijing, 2014), Highlights: China Youth Art Exhibition (the Bund 18 art gallery, Shanghai, 2013), Free activities: young artist project exhibition (Fine Art Literature Art Center, Wuhan, 2008), The 13th Session New Work Exhibitions by Emerging Young Artists (Zhengzhou Art Museum, Zhengzhou).