Kimberly Road Union –  Sincerity Machine

Date:Aug. 15 (Thu.)  9 pm ( Admission begins 8:30 pm)

Venue:A+ Contemporary

Free Entrance

Sincerity Machine

/ Connection between humans, a clash of sincerity generates the soul of noise. /

Sincerity Machine, #WHATSNEXT
In this performance, members of the public are solicited to partake in chess duel between the performer, in which the crowd comes up their chess move publicly, and the coordinates and movement of the chess will transcribe into music and noise. While the crowd participating in the game, performer will communicate and provoke them to transform and re-construct the music. The whole performance it’s structured around two questions: “where are you coming from?” and “where are you going to?”

About Kimberly Road Union 

Kimberly Road Union, an art/music collective from H.K., its a young Frankenstein of DIY culture, synths, performance art poetry and chinese literature. Core member Teeda, Tin and Bowen starting making music and performance art since their uni years in London, after start performing in London and relocated back to their hometown, they start recording and performing. The crew crude sense of humor, improv live jams, chaotic emotional live performance, and a rather fresh take on noise, ambient, house and electronica, alongside the performance art series ‘’Sincerity Machine” earn them a small but solid underground following. Throughout 2019, after the release of a seven-track cassette via Qii Snack record, and a quick sold out of the physical record, they perform gigs in Sai Ceong, Twenty Alpha and Animato Audio, and will start touring later this year.